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Chapter 11


    Edmund meanwhile had been having a mos disappointing time.
Edmund plucked up his courage and he says , “Please your Majesty , could I have some TURKISH DELIGH?
You , you want Turkish delight, ok and dwarf bring for Edmund some water and  iron plate with a dry bread.
And Edmund said:
“Turkish delight” for the little Prince please , take it away , I don’t want dry bread .
“You may be glad enough of it before you taste bread again” said the witch.
While he was chewing the first dwarf came back and announced the sledge was ready.
Ed  they find there amund and Witch went  into the sledge and Witch said , to go to house of the Beavers ,
 and kill what they find there.
This was a terrible journey for Edmund,who had no coat and he try believe that thewhole thing was a
dream and can wake up at any moment. Later the sledge has stoped and she sow a merry party and
animals was round a table. They said that was come the Father Christmas. Witch was a very shocked and
everyone turned to statue. And they went away. Suddenly they heard strange noises. The slidge was stuck.
And Edmunt and witch noticed that nature was green and green , tree was purple and white , and they hear sound of
water. The sky became bluer and bluer.
It was SPRING!!!

How do you feel when you see all changes in nature?

I have feeling strange and very happy , because everything is green.  I smelled flowers ,  and i see very beautiful flowers and tree. And in Narnia was very warmer weather. But i'm sad , because there aren't my sister and brother.
Are you afraid of Aslan? Why?
Yes I‘m very afraid Aslon , because he is very big and strong.
How do you react to the White Witch's behaviour?
I‘m very happy, because White Witch's is very angry and winter was destroyed.
1.    Squirrels-voverės-forest animal
2.    Obey - paklusti -  do what is told to do
3.    Stale-senas-no longer
4.    Gluttony-apsirijimas-when you eat more than you want
5.    Disappointing- nuviliantys-sad