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Chapter 9-10

    Shortly tell us about what happened in these chapters in your own words.

 „First  question“ in chapter 9 

 Edmund went to White Witch‘s castle, but This journey has not  be easy for him.hapter  9 is about  Edmund and his journey the witches Castle.
When he went he in White Witch‘s castle he dream about Narnia , How he  become a Prince of Narnia, and later even king. And sudnelly he saw a lion and he thought it was real lion.He very  scared. After very long time he dared to see lion. And he saw that lion was not real, but was a statue.When he went continue went he sow a big door. Near door  stood wolf . Edmund included in White Witch castle and he told everything that he hear in the beavers house. And  White Witch knew that Aslan was alive.

    Shortly tell us about what happened in these chapters in your own words.

 „First  question“ in chapter 10 

Three Children and Mr Beaver bundling themselves into coast ,except  Mrs Beaver sterted picking up sacks and food. And they quickly came out on a trip.
Trip was very long.When snow had stopped and the moon had come out  when they began their journey.
And suddenly then the moon disappeared and the snow began to fall once more. And at last Lucy was so tired that she was almost asleep and walking at the same time when suddenly she found that Mr Beaver had turned away from the river-bank to the right and was leading them steeply uphill into the very thickest bushes. Beaver's old hiding-place in bad times. And they heard sound of jingling bells. Mr beaver  was out of the cave like a flash the moment he heard it. And they heard voices. "oh" they thought that there was cry of Mr Beaver. And on the sledge sat a person whom everyone knew the moment they set eyes on him. He was a huge man. He was a Santa Claus. He brought a little gifts for children. For Lucy he gave a little bottle of what looked like glass and a small dagger. "in this bottle," he said, "there is cordial made of the juice of one of the fireflowers that grow in the mountains of the sun.


How did the author surprised me?
How surprised me when he verry famous book and send out the movie. I like this book , because it’s full of adventure. I like the most chapter 9 , because I like the place when Edmund saw not real lion.


If you would could create a short video, what scene would you choose to make, why?
If I would create a short video I would choose to make scene when Edmund scared when he saw not real lion and thought that it was Aslan ,because I think that this scene for me is the funniest and the most interesting in chapter 9

2. Cruel-žiaurus
5. Manged-perėjp


1.       Rough-šiurkščiai
2.       Fitted-pristatyti
3.       Cordial-širdingas
4.       Leaks-tikėjimas
5.       Mended-pataisytas


  1. Dear Violeta,
    you have nice summaries, however, I am really sad, that you didn't answer the other questions.

  2. Some corrections on your vocabulary:
    edge -- kraštas
    decert -- there is no such word, please check the spelling
    manged -- are you sure there was such a word?
    leak -- lašėti